The College provides all graduates with Career Assistance. Our Placement cell manager of Career Assistance and Development help graduates to obtain the best position in keeping with their preferences, talents, and special skills.The Career Assistance and Development Office provides the following services:

1. Arranges personal interviews between students and businesses.

2. Advises the student how to contact other representatives of industry or government agencies.

3. Retains student's credentials on a permanent basis and assists him/her as an alumnus in obtaining or changing employment

Students must register with the Director of Career Assistance and Development before their last quarter. The College does not guarantee employment to the graduate but can provide contacts and guidance which have proven successful. It is the students' responsibility to periodically contact the Career Assistance and Development Office and report the results of all interviews.


We are passionate about shaping the lives of our students by giving them a career headstart. As you can see here, our alumni have earned the skills & knowledge and work in the most prestigious companies. Now it’s your turn.



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